Levy Works

Levy has many tremendous ministries and ministry leaders who are always looking for more volunteers. Levy also has all kinds of gifted members who may just be waiting to find just the right ministry fit for them. The challenge for both is to find a way to connect.

For the ministry leader it is about communicating effectively what their ministry is about along with intentionally following up with everyone interested in participating in that ministry. For the Levite looking to use their giftedness in a Levy ministry—it is about finding our ministry information and exactly how to plug-in.

“Levy Works” is an idea on how to help meet both of these challenges. “Levy Works” is about effective ways to share ministry information and facilitate direct contact between our ministry leaders and members interested in serving within those ministries.

“Levy Works” is about asking all of our Levy ministry leaders to make a 2-5 minute informational video that highlights their ministry and offer ways to volunteer. On the Sunday the video is shown to the church, the Levy ministry leader will also have a ministry display set up and be there to speak with potential volunteers. Ministry leaders will have all of May and the rest of the summer to make and produce their video. We will showcase one video per Sunday with showings starting on Sunday, September 10 and following each Sunday as long as they last. All of the videos can then be archived on our website.

Videos are easier than ever to make. We hope to have in place soon a team that would be willing to help anyone needing it. We also hope that this is an idea that our ministry leaders will become excited about and buy into.

“Levy Works” is about demonstrating just how Levy works. It is about highlighting all of our various ministries and informing others in our church about the good works being done through them. It is about encouraging others to join in and make it easier for them to do it.

If you are a ministry leader take up the challenge of “Levy Works.” Get creative and see the video as an opportunity to find others who want to join you in your special area of Christian service!

If you are not a ministry leader and would like more information, you can check out the list and register to help the ministries by clicking HERE.

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