Adult Classes

Here are our current adult classes:

(last updated November 29, 2017)



Room# / Location Teacher(s) Current Book / Topic
Library Billy Stacy- College Age “Multiply” Discipleship
Auditorium Philip Sherrill Psalms (Special December classes)
2006 Brad Watson & Philip Sherrill In the auditorium class for December
2005 Bill Arnold & Paul Wilkerson Psalms
2002 John Miller Psalms
2001 Doug Hurst Proverbs
2003 Ladies’ Class by various Ladies “The Hand of God: Find His Care in All Circumstances.”
2004 Chad / Don Alan / Gray  Various topics
1001 Young Adults- Brad Hardin Positive Change in Your Life




Room# / Location Teacher(s) Current book / Topic
Auditorium Danny Dodd Kingdom Living
#2006 Philip Sherrill Congregational Singing Class
#2005 Ladies’ Class by Joy Brown & Carolyn Whiteside Women Need Each Other
#2002 Andrea Telgren Women’s class- “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst
#1001 Young Adults– Jordan Watson 1 Kings, 2 Kings and the Divided Kingdom
Library Billy Stacy- College Age Various topics
#2004 Tom Kloske “Faith Lessons” Series by Ray VanderLaan