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Welcome to the Small Groups Page! Our small groups serve to connect us to others in the congregation in a more intimate, consistent, and intentional way.

Below are resources for our small groups to use during their home bible studies on Sunday evenings. Each week, this page will be updated to add additional content for our small groups.  The discussion guide is typically based on Sunday’s sermon.


Small Group Discussion Guide:  September 17th– Danny Dodd

  1. A Kingdom Story: The Prodigal Son. Read Luke 15:11-31. Like all of Jesus stories there is truth about the kingdom of God revealed here. A surprising truth about a God who freely welcomes all to find a home within it.
  2. God’s Welcome Never Ends. It is a story about hope, second chances, and redemption—rooted firmly and securely in the love of a God who never gives up on us or turns away from us. It is the story of a Son and his kingdom. A kingdom there is a place for us all—even if we take a journey off into the far country of sin. In his kingdom God is always there to welcome us.
    1. Even if others do not. The prodigal ran out of welcomes—abandoned to the pig sty, which is just about as disgusting and far away as any Jew could wander. Yet the Father at home still yearned for his presence—still waited every day. It remains the nature of our Father now—still waiting to welcome us to his kingdom when all our other welcomes wear out.
    2. Regardless of our past. A brash, arrogant, wasteful, hard partying, washed out child may be hard for some of us to get past, but not God. Notice in the text that there is no hesitation on the Father’s part to get the robe, the ring, the sandals—clear symbols not of rebuke, but of sonship! It is called grace and God welcomes us to it—when we come home to his kingdom.
    3. Even though we do not deserve it. The prodigal did not deserve it and he knew it—already deciding to return not as a son but as a servant. The elder brother knew it also—it is revealed in his protest. But God’s love cannot be limited to this—a lost son was found! It was not the time for judgment, but for mercy—for rescue and redemption. Everyone who comes to the Father in his kingdom will receive the same—mercy, rescue and redemption.—even though we do not deserve it.
  3. The Kingdom is a Party! Look at the text—what a celebration occurred the day the prodigal returned. This is how God welcomes everyone into his kingdom—a natural extension of his love.
    1. The Father embraces us
    2. Angels rejoice—Luke 15:7.  It doesn’t get much better than this!
  4. This amazing kingdom story teaches that God Love Me for Me! With him it is not about what others think or about my mistakes or if I measure up. It is about the fact that he so loved me—just me—just the way I am—that he sent his only Son to die on a cross for me. And that in him I have a forever welcome and a place within his kingdom that is full of grace, mercy and love. A place where I can get a fresh start—a divine do-over! What a tremendous message we all need.
  5. Now one last bit of emphasis from the text—the prodigal only discovered this welcome when “he came to his senses” and realized he had absolutely no future where he was making the decision to return home. God’s welcome truly never ends, but if we want to enjoy his kingdom celebration we have to go where He is. We have to come to our senses as well and realize sin will eventually—one way or the other—abandon us to the pig sty also. But—like the prodigal—we will always have an invitation to the kingdom—to come home to a God who faithfully stands and waits. (Revelation 22:17)

Discussion Questions: (pick out the ones that will speak best to your group)

  1. What was your biggest take-away from the lesson today?
  2. Which brother in the story do you most relate to?
  3. What is God’s attitude towards the younger brother?
  4. What is the older brother’s attitude towards his brother and what the Father is doing?  How had what the younger brother had done affected the older brother, the Father, and the rest of the family?
  5. What does this story teach us about God’s attitude towards the returning sinner? What does the son’s thought about his pending return tell us?
  6. What does this story tell us about God’s attitude towards someone who is unhappy to see a “Sinner” come back and celebrated? How might this relate to us today?

All Small groups listed below meet on Sundays.


For more information about how to connect with a small group and get plugged in, please contact James Telgren at



Small Groups Meeting Time Location Contact
Young Adults (18-30) 5:00pm Various homes / locations Jennifer Tate, Jordan Watson, Bonnie Norwood
Maumelle area (all ages) 5:00pm Member’s homes in Maumelle  Chad Gardner, Paula Morse
Noel/Cook (20+ with kids) 5:45pm Various homes in North Little Rock  Michelle Noel, Sherrie Cook
Outreach (20+ with kids) 5:00pm Ministry Center/Family Room/outside  Laura Cale, Kijana Royal
Dalby/Vest (30+ with kids) 5:30pm Various homes  Mark Vest, Learon Dalby
Dodd (30+ with kids) 5:30pm Various homes  Danny Dodd, Rachel Rogers
Watson/Ferren (ages 40+) 6:00pm Various homes  Karen Farren, Julie Watson
Randall / Love (ages 50+) 5:00pm Various homes  Wallace Randall, Michael Love
Zeller (ages 50+) 1:00pm Education Building, room #205  Harold Zeller

The Teens (7th-12th grade) also meet on Sunday nights at the building and in various locations. You can contact either of our Youth Ministers for more information: Rachel ( & Jesse Stacy (jesse.stacy or visit the Levy Youth Group Page HERE.