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Welcome to the Small Groups Page! Our small groups serve to connect us to others in the congregation in a more intimate, consistent, and intentional way.

Below are resources for our small groups to use during their home bible studies on Sunday evenings. Each week, this page will be updated to add additional content for our small groups.  The discussion guide is typically based on Sunday’s sermon.


Small Group Discussion Guide: October 22nd- Danny Dodd

The Kingdom Mind.
A couple of weeks ago we looked at the idea of the newness of the kingdom—its transformative nature including the imperative of Ephesians 4:23—being made new in the attitude of our minds. Now let’s take a closer look at this kingdom mindset to which we are called.

Contextually, the Ephesian congregation was not much different than other NT churches– they were struggling to transition to a kingdom worldview. They had embraced Christ, but it was a process ofearning what this meant. So Paul speaks into this context. (Ephesians 4:17-24)

A New Way of Thinking.
It is clear from the text that Paul is urging them to move the transition along—put behind them the old, former and futile ways of doing life and fully embrace the new way in Christ. He is the only way for this renewal to happen in attitudes and behavior—literally “to be made young again.” It involves a conscience choice and decisive intent. Thus the appeal to the mind where choices occur. There is a parallel verse to offer commentary–Romans 8:5. Set your mind to the things of the Spirit. This involves that intent—that purposeful choice to embrace the kingdom mindset. Only when we do that can we got on with actually living it out and enjoying the newness of the kingdom—”being made young again” in Jesus.

God Accurately Reproducing His Character in Us.
This is the product of the kingdom mind because we can talk the talk all day, but until we walk the walk—making then newness evident in our life—it does not matter. So practically speaking what does the kingdom mind produce? What does God reproducing his character within us look like?
Old                    New
Lying/falsehood honesty/respect
Uncontrolled anger processing
Stealing/defrauding work/helping others
Hurtful words encouraging words
Bitterness kindness
Rage compassion
Brawling forgiveness
Slander love
Malice thanksgiving
Sexual immorality purity
Impurity goodness
Greed righteousness
Obscenity truth

Make a Clean Break. Tthis is what we MUST do—but remember it is a process. We must make that decision to start the process and continue to allow God access to continue it along. Hanging out in and allowing the old way of thinking to remain and battle against the newness of the kingdom is not productive.

New Means New! And that is what the freshness of the kingdom offers—what we find in Jesus—a chance to be young again—new life—new hope—a new mind. Why settle for the old and the trouble it brings. Newness—embrace it now.

Discussion Questions: (leaders, choose which questions speak to your group)

1. What was your biggest -away from the lesson today?

2. What are some examples of times you’ve had to change your attitude and mindset, or even your worldview? What made this difficult or easy?

3. How is the new way of thinking that Danny mentioned–different from the “old” way of thinking?

4. How can the process of change be encouraging? How can it be frustrating?

5. How do we encourage each other in growth and change?

For more information about how to connect with a small group and get plugged in, please contact James Telgren at



Small Groups Meeting Time Location Contact
Young Adults (18-30) 5:00pm Various homes / locations Jennifer Tate, Jordan Watson, Bonnie Norwood
Maumelle area (all ages) 5:00pm Member’s homes in Maumelle  Chad Gardner, Paula Morse
Noel/Cook (20+ with kids) 5:45pm Various homes in North Little Rock  Michelle Noel, Sherrie Cook
Outreach (20+ with kids) 5:00pm Ministry Center/Family Room/outside  Laura Cale, Kijana Royal
Dalby/Vest (30+ with kids) 5:30pm Various homes  Mark Vest, Learon Dalby
Dodd (30+ with kids) 5:30pm Various homes  Danny Dodd, Rachel Rogers
Watson/Ferren (ages 40+) 6:00pm Various homes  Karen Farren, Julie Watson
Randall / Love (ages 50+) 5:00pm Various homes  Wallace Randall, Michael Love
Zeller (ages 50+) 1:00pm Education Building, room #205  Harold Zeller

The Teens (7th-12th grade) also meet on Sunday nights at the building and in various locations. You can contact either of our Youth Ministers for more information: Rachel ( & Jesse Stacy (jesse.stacy or visit the Levy Youth Group Page HERE.