Outreach Small Group

The Outreach small group consists of families with adults in the age range of upper 20’s to 40’s along with one 57 year old.  This group primarily consists of young families with children.  In fact, we love kids so much that the children most times outnumber the adults at our weekly gatherings!  Most times, this group will meet on Sunday evenings at 5 PM in the Ministry Center on Levy’s church campus.  There are occasions when we’ll meet at the home of a church member or we might also meet at a local park for a picnic.  Our small group typically begins with a meal together (church potluck style) in the Ministry Center before we head into the Family Room for a time of singing, prayer, and Bible study.  Due to the large number of young children in our group, we typically sing a lot of children’s songs with the kids as well as other devotional songs.  We’d love to have you come visit us one Sunday evening!

For more information about how to connect with this small group, please contact James Telgren at james.telgren@levychurchofchrist.org

Outreach Small Group 4th of July Party – 2014