All About Women’s Ministries

All About Women’s Ministries

We are blessed to be part of a church family in which the elders see the need for ministry to occur in all age groups, from newborn through the more mature among us. At Levy, there are many opportunities provided for both men and women to grow spiritually.

The Women’s Ministry has been an active ministry of the church for many years. While the women in the Levy church family have always been tremendous servants, the Women’s Ministry officially began in 1990 approved by the Elders for the needs and women’s outreach events. Suzanne Dillard had a passion for serving and helping other women find their gifts. She was a driving force and tireless in her work as the first coordinator of the Women’s Ministries at Levy.

The Women’s Ministry is one avenue for spiritual growth and fellowship among the girls and women of the congregation. Multiple opportunities are available and scheduled on a regular basis. Below are some of them:

Bible Classes & Groups:

    • Ladies’ Tuesday Morning Bible Class:

This is weekly Tuesday mornings at 9:30 in the Upper Room. This class has a range of ages among the class members and childcare is available. This class meets September through the end of the school year.

    • Wednesday Night Ladies’ Classes:

Ladies’ Bible Study – This class meets in room 2005 and offers a variety of teachers. This class is open to women of all ages.

There is also a smaller-sized ladies’ class that meets in room 2002 led by Andrea Telgren if you prefer.

    • Sunday Morning:

Women of Courage class meets in Room 2003 and is taught by a team of Christian women.

    • Knit Together with Love:

Coordinated by Carol Randle and meets on Wednesday mornings in the family room of the Ministry Center at 10:30 a.m.

    • Quilting Class/Ministry:

Coordinated by Debbie Hopper, this program is open to all and meets regularly year round.

    • Heartfelt Ministry:

A program to build relationship between the older women and younger women, and to create opportunities for spiritual growth –

    • Small Prayer Groups:

Various small groups meet at different times during the week. If you are interested in joining a prayer group, please contact the church office. There is a small prayer group/ Bible study that meets in the Family Room on Wednesday nights. Contact Barbara Cooper or Paula Morse if you are interested.

Opportunities to Serve:

    • Bible classes:

There are multiple opportunities on Sunday mornings and with the Wednesday night “Kingdom Express” program to teach the children of the congregation. We have an exciting children’s ministry that is directed by Sierra Gustafson. We have many talented teachers and helpers as part of the program, but could always use more help!


    • Comfort Food Ministry:

We minister to each other when families celebrate a new birth, lose a loved one, or have illness or hospitalization. Rachel Rogers coordinates the food for families of newborns, and Laura Simpson and a team of servants coordinate the comfort food ministry for grieving families.  Jacqui Hurley and the Tuesday morning Bible class coordinate for those who have been hospitalized and those facing serious illness.


    • The “Take Two” Ministry:

An opportunity to help those in need by cooking an extra casserole and delivering to the church building to be put in the freezer. Sweet breads are also a need for various occasions, and are also kept in the freezer in the Ministry Center.


    • Baby Showers & Wedding Showers:

Karen Ferren coordinates the shower ministry for members of our congregation, and Chelsea Goodman lends her talent of decorating for the showers.

Women’s Events:

  • Every quarter we have a ladies’ event. Included in these are a “Summer Supper”, “Soup & Sisters” in the fall, and Christmas brunch in early December. Help with these events is welcome and needed.There is a Women’s Retreat yearly called the Annual Renewal. There is a January meal to begin the registration for the Annual Renewal. On an alternating schedule, the renewal is held in the Ministry Center and an overnight stay away from the building.
  • There are multiple opportunities to minister and be ministered to in the Women’s Ministry. Spiritual growth is the goal, and there are many opportunities to serve and grow. As Christians, we also need a safe haven, and a sense of family. We are not “in this” by ourselves. We pray that you will find a sense of family with your sisters in Christ through the Women’s ministry.

No matter which stage of life you are in, there is a place for you. We invite you and encourage you to become involved. It will be a blessing to you and others!