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Online Giving

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 Bill Pay through Your Bank

1.      Find the Online Bill Payment Center
First, you’ll need to find where to pay bills on your bank’s website. Often you just click a link or tab that says ‘Pay Bills’.

2.     Add Payees
When you make an online bill payment, who does it go to? The recipient (your service provider) is called a ‘payee’. Click a link that says something like ‘Add Payees’ or ‘Manage Payees’.

3.     Enter Payee Info
When adding a payee, you need to provide details to the online bill payment system:

Payee name – Levy church of Christ
Mailing address for payments – 5124 Camp Robinson Rd, North Little Rock, AR  72118
Your account number – your name
Additional information – phone numbers, memos, etc (optional)

Some online bill payment systems recognize payees just by their name and zip code. They complete some of the information for you (like exactly who the check should be made payable to) and you just have to enter your account number.