·         8:30 – First Worship Service

·         9:00 – There will be a children’s Bible class on Zoom. You can find all of the details HERE.

·         9:50 – Our live stream will begin with Mr. Tom’s Neighborhood – a Bible story read by our elder Tom Cloninger. 

·         10:00 – Second Worship Service

If you are unable to come to the building, the easiest method for most to view our services will be by using the Facebook or YouTube apps on your phone / tablet / SmartTV. We will stream our services at 10 AM on the following media platforms:

·         Facebook:

·         YouTube:

·         Church website at:

You can also PARTICIPATE:

·         Get or make some bread and fruit of the vine and join the online communion time.

·         Watch the service through the Levy Facebook page and comment during the service with your prayer requests.  We can see and respond to those in “real time” during the service.

·         Give online or drop a check in the mail.  The work of the body continues even as the virus spreads. You can make a one-time donation or set up recurring donations through the following secure link:

·         Think about ways you, or the ministry in which you are involved, could serve our community during this time (i.e…helping a family who needs childcare or lunches while schools are out)

Please know we have not made this decision lightly but feel it’s the best way to honor God and protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out directly to any elder.

The Levy elders


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