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New Cross-Generational Bible Study on Sundays

Teacher: Tom Cloninger and Joe Chesser Objectives: Develop a deeper understanding and practical application of the Scriptures in order to grow in seeking God and following Jesus Christ Build meaningful relationships with other brothers and sisters across the generational life stages – from young adults to our senior saints  Be a…

Wednesdays: Something for Everyone!

Check out the Winter Quarter! Afternoons: 2:00 Daylight Bible Class – Jesus is Great, a study of Hebrews, Cecil May Evenings: 7:00 Auditorium – Living in the 1st Century World, Danny Dodd 2005 – Ladies’ Class – Joy Cook Brown & Carolyn Whiteside 2006 – Sing! – Philip Sherrill and Kijana Royal Upper Room – Laugh Your Way to a…

For Privacy

During the Sunday morning worship service, if you prefer to speak privately, there will be an elder and his wife in the library during the invitation song after the sermon. Please do not hesitate to call the church office if you have any questions.