Wednesday Afternoon Bible Study

Wednesday Afternoon Bible Study

Wednesday, 2:00 P.M. adult class has begun!

We have a target group.
Our primary motivation for offering this class is our 49er group. On cold, dark, winter nights, some Senior Saints hesitate to leave the house. Yet, they love the Wednesday gathering. With a daytime class, the traditional Wednesday worshippers can enjoy a safe, convenient Bible class and fellowship. That said, the class welcomes anyone who finds this schedule convenient.

We have a model.
It is a new time for a class but still a familiar experience. We will have a song, a textual Bible study, and a prayer. Cecil May will lead the study, but we anticipate comments from the class participants. Like the evening classes, we will be on a forty-five minute schedule. Classroom 1001 (a first floor room just off the main lobby) will be our venue.

We have a curriculum.
Our initial study will be an examination of the book of Hebrews titled, Jesus is Great!

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