Become Like Little Children

Become Like Little Children

with Danny Dodd

“What a fellowship, what a joy divine” goes the lyrics to an old hymn. Fellowship and divine joy do describe our worship gathering! I am glad you are here to participate! Let’s praise God together with all of our heart!

Today we recognize, honor, and commit as a church family to pray for and support all of our 2018 newborns and their families in our annual Celebration of Life. It is a blessing to have these families at Levy and we certainty want to be a resource and offer support to them as they bring their children up in the Lord. So please pray for and encourage them well beyond today.

Speaking of parents—each Wednesday night at 7:00, Dr. Alan and Sherry Pogue are leading a parenting seminar in the Upper Room. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this topic. I hope all of our Levy parents can take advantage of this terrific learning opportunity.

Coming up this week (February 1-2) is our Marriage ReConnect weekend retreat. It is not too late to sign up for this. It promises to be a great interactive occasion for married couples to enjoy and learn. This is another great event not to miss!

Then the weekend following (February 8-9) James Nored will be leading a NextGen evangelism seminar here. Everyone is invited to participate as James explains how to use his excellent video series to reach out to others. Brad Watson is the contact for this event.

This weekend some of our Levy teen girls enjoyed their annual trip to the Girl’s Conference in Memphis, led by Rachel Griffith. I appreciate this emphasis having girls of my own.

Our well-known slogan at Levy is “Building a Strong Family for the Glory of God.” This takes everyone. It takes the shepherds, deacons and ministry staff. It takes Bible class teachers, greeters, ushers and ministry leaders. It takes servants willing to give of themselves. It takes parents and kids, single moms, working dads, middle schoolers, teens, toddlers and grandparents. It takes young adults, older adults, single adults, and married adults. It takes the red, yellow, black and white. It takes new folks and folks who have been here for years. It takes us all—building together and supporting one another. Our strength comes from God and each other. God is who unites us. Our church is the family. Thank you for being a part of it.

I love you church!