From Another Place

From Another Place

with Danny Dodd

It is a great day to worship God! It is a great day to be at Levy! It is a great day because God is great and because you are here. And the church says, “Amen!”

It is also a great day of welcomes! We are excited to officially welcome Cecil and Patti May to Levy as Cecil begins his work with us as connecting minister. His work will include adult education, our hospitality ministry along with assisting our in our senior saints ministry and our Sunday night worship. This morning after worship everyone is invited to remain for a meet-and-greet in the lobby to personally welcome Cecil and Patti. Please pray for both of them as they transition here and for Cecil as he beings his good work with us. Encourage them—not just today—but every day this week! And continue to pray for Joe and Sherry Chesser as Joe soon joins our staff as family life minister.

Everyone please welcome and meet Gee Santos. Gee placed membership last Sunday and comes to us from Brazil. He is the new Spanish teacher at Central Arkansas Christian School. We are delighted that he is now a part of our church family.

Speaking of new members, all of our newest members are invited and urged to attend our next Learning Levy orientation class, which is next Sunday, October 14.

Today also begins our Harvest month activities as we look forward to Harvest Sunday on October 28. This morning during Bible class there will be four presentations about Levy-led missions including the Baltic Family Camp in Lithuanian; the teen trip to the Dominican Republic; Haiti and a video about the Pogue’s mission effort in France. Come and join us in the auditorium at 9 a.m. for these presentations. Next Sunday, Mark Brazile from Mission Resource network will be our guest presenter. Keep our Harvest focus in your prayers and be planning for your Harvest gift!

Occasionally in this space I will encourage you to hug an elder. That is always a good idea—let them know you appreciate their shepherding ministry. But also greet each other with a holy hug or handshake! As Scripture teaches—we should encourage each other with urgency. This applies to those absent as well. Let them know they are dearly missed. Being called by God, we are in this wonderful thing known as the church together.

And I love you, church!