Jonah and the Others

Jonah and the Others

with Danny Dodd

There is something special and blessed about assembling with the family of God. God has always highly valued gathering his people together (Psalm 122:1; Hebrews 10:25). It is a joy to worship with you each Sunday. Thank you for prioritizing praise. It is good to be in the house of the Lord together.

Joining us today is the Harding University Chorus! Talk about a blessing! They will sing during our Bible class hour. We very much appreciate them being here and using their gifts to lift us up by speaking to us in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs! Please be sure to personally welcome them! Thanks goes to Garren Barker for his work in bringing these young people to us today.

Another reason to celebrate today is welcoming our new sister in Christ, Vanessa Anderson. She was baptized by her dad at Christeens Youth Rally last weekend! Please pray for her and her family as she journeys with Christ. We also rejoice to welcome Brady, Kelley and Blake Bulsworth to Levy. Glad to have them partnering with us! Pray for them also.

Next Sunday. March 10, we welcome back a Levy friend, Casey Rine (currently a youth minister at the Landmark congregation in Montgomery, AL). Casey served as youth minister here for several years during which time he endured the tragic loss of his sister. He, along with our own Danny Sullivan, will be speaking next Sunday morning about this, but about much more. It should be a powerful and special morning. Danny frames it this way:

“John 1:5 ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ 

Have you ever experienced complete darkness?  Perhaps you’ve been spelunking (cave exploring) or maybe in a basement with no windows?  How about spiritually and emotionally?  Perhaps you’ve questioned God’s existence or felt like He just doesn’t care.  When in complete darkness, physically or spiritually, the only hope is to go toward the light.  Even when we are surrounded by people we can feel alone in darkness.  In times of crisis, we must know that God is sending us light – in the form of our spiritual family.  God’s family is the light that we must follow to escape the darkness. On Sunday, March 10, Casey Rine will come back home to Levy to share with us a powerful message of family, forgiveness and hope in the darkest of times.  You will not want to miss this amazing lesson of what it truly means for church to become family.” 

Sunday, March 10th, is also the next Learning Levy orientation class and along with it our welcome luncheon for our newest members. Don’t forget!

Save the date! Sunday, April 14 is Friend Day! Please be considering now whom you will invite. Pray for God to work through us to bless others on this special Sunday.

I love you church!