Pretty Is as Pretty Does

Pretty Is as Pretty Does


with Danny Dodd

Happy Lord’s Day! How exciting is it that we have the chance again to be together in praise to God? God highly values this day; he highly values worship; and he highly values us! What a wonderful combination of blessings worship brings together. Thank you for joining your heart with ours as we celebrate his Son and the joy of the Lord.

Happy Mother’s Day! It is also that special day in which we honor our moms. We give thanks for all of the mothers among us who have given so much of themselves in so many ways to their children and families. God bless you all! We are certainly blessed by you.

Learning Levy is today at 9 a.m. in the family room within the Ministry Center. This is our Levy orientation class for our newest members and for anyone interested in knowing more about our church family and how to plug into our various ministries. If you have never attended this class, I urge you to do so. Join Cecil May, Jeff and Carlene Vint and learn more about Levy.

Looking ahead—our Vacation Bible School is set for June 9-12. Please mark this down as a priority date on your calendars.

“Encourage one another daily” (Hebrews 3:13). This divine mandate was first given to a group of Christians in danger of slipping away from Christ due to developing “unbelieving hearts” turning away from “the living God” (3:12). There was an urgency there—to stem this terrible tide of apostasy by mutual encouragement in Christ to persevere. The need and the urgency remain now past that context into our own. We all need encouragement and regularly. Make it a goal to encourage someone everyday. Let’s be intentional. More than enough exists to discourage; to bring doubt; to separate believers. Let’s counter that with the grace and love of Christ spoken and expressed regularly to each other. It is one significant way we can build a strong family to the glory of God.

Speaking of “one another,” this will be our theme for our Wednesday night summer series beginning in June. This is part of the biblical teaching about “others.” It should be an encouraging summer full of special Wednesday nights.

Danny Sullivan is preaching today. We are thankful for his ability to inform and challenge through the spoken word.

I love you church!