When We Sin

When We Sin

with Danny Dodd
Good morning church! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back with my family to honor and worship God together! If absence makes the heart grow fonder than my heart has certainly grown. It is a blessing to be able to journey to other places and worship with other Christians, but there truly is nothing like praising God at this place. I am ready to Shout Hallelujah to the Lord with you!

Our trip to Lithuania for the Baltic Family Camp was amazing. God continues to work through this ministry to refresh those serving in the mission fields in that part of the world as well as encouraging Christians throughout that region. It is wonderful to see the networks and connections made within the churches in the different countries represented at the camp. One young lady from Tallinn, Estonia was baptized into Christ during the week. Of course, the Levy team did their usual outstanding job staffing the camp. Thanks Levy for helping to make this camp a reality. It is because of your mission heart and grace of giving that this ministry is possible.

Today is all about back to school! The Community Building Back to School Blitz is happening today after worship. The backpack packing will take place from 11:30 until 1:00 with lunch served before. Then later in the evening we will be handing out the backpacks to our neighbors and friends. The fun continues throughout the week with the Ridgeroad School Open House on Thursday, August 9th. Next week we have more serving opportunities also. Ted Bowsman and his team do an incredible job organizing these ministry opportunities! Thanks to them and everyone involved.

Our Wednesday night summer series speaker this week (August 8) is Karl McLarty, who preaches for the Cloverdale congregation in Searcy, AR. His topic is “Christ: Our Only Hope.” Please be sure to join us! I know I am looking forward to being back!

All new members and those interested in knowing more about our congregation are invited to the Learning Levy orientation class, which meets again next Sunday (August 12) at 9 a.m. in the Family Room within the Ministry Center.

One young man who attended the family camp for the first time was Conrad. He attends a tiny congregation in Poland—separated by hundreds of kilometers from other small churches. He told me repeatedly that it is difficult for him to imagine the blessings of being a part of a larger church. We enjoy that blessing. Let’s never take it for granted.

I love you church!