Why Do We Stop Listening?

Why Do We Stop Listening?


Good morning church! Sunday brings another incredible opportunity to worship God together. Thank you for prioritizing praise! Your presence is encouraging on numerous levels. I pray that you are encouraged in return!

A significant number of Levites are on the road today returning from Winterfest in Gatlinburg, TN. Please pray for travel mercies and a safe drive. It was a pleasure for me to join the youth group at this event over the weekend.

Danny Sullivan is preaching today. I know he is bringing the Word to challenge, instruct and teach.

How is your weekly Bible reading progressing? We are now almost two months into it—keep it up and do not get discouraged in you fall behind. From my perspective, it continues to be a wonderful experience for Levy. I keep hearing all kinds of positive feedback! The reading texts continue to generate questions, which is a great way to grow in our faith. “Thy Word” continues to speak to us! It demonstrates the eternal nature of the Word of God.

We love kids at Levy—in all shapes and sizes—and many of our kids are participating in Leadership Training for Christ (LTC). Each Sunday afternoon for the next few weeks, our LTC coaches will be working with our kids to prepare them for the LTC convention on Easter weekend. I appreciate Sierra Gustafson and her team of dedicated servants who are leading this effort. Our kids are being blessed and using their gifts to bless others in this process.

Speaking of kids, our own Levy Christian Kindergarten continues to do a fine job every weekday. They could use our help in spreading the news about their Montessori based program. Please let your friends with kindergarteners know about LCK! See directress Sherri Cook for further information.

Bill Oldridge blesses us all as Levy’s barista! He is here every Sunday serving us up coffee combined with his own special wit. Thanks Bill for serving the Levy family faithfully!

Be sure to intentionally greet a guest today and meet someone you do not know! Be a blessing in this way.

I love you church!


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