2018 Senior Sunday

2018 Senior Sunday


I love Sundays! On Sundays, I have the honor of gathering with you—God’s people—for the purpose of praising our God. What a joy this is! Thank you for prioritizing this day and joining us in worship. Your presence is an encouragement and a reminder of why church is a God-designed blessing.

Today we recognize all of our graduating seniors. This is quite the achievement and milestone for them. It is also a huge next-step as they transition to the next phase in their lives. Certainly we should surround them with prayers—and not just today. Of course, a major part of our words to them include keeping God an ever-present part and guide in their future. Congratulations to Reece Bulter, Emma Dalby, Alyce Deal, Jacob Delashaw, Jeremiah Flanders, Katelyn Hawkins, Daulton Linker, Weston McGhee, Savana Melton, Colby Quattlebaum, K.J. Royal, Tucker Sparks, Winston Strawn, LilliAnn Sutherlin, and Andrew Taylor. We wish you nothing but the best and pray that God will bless all your future plans. You will always be a part of the Levy family!

This morning, youth minister Jesse Stacy will have much more to say about them and the new challenges they will face during sermon time.

Before then, however, our Learning Levy class meets in the family room within the Ministry Center. Tom and Susan Cloninger will be sharing information about the Levy family for all new members and those interesting in learning more about our church. If you would like to plug in here and serve God together with us, then this is the class for you!

Remember to keep praying daily as we continue to journey through the shepherd affirming process—not just for our current shepherds, but also for Doug Hurst, Philip Sherrill, Danny Sullivan and Nathan Taylor.

With graduation close it is a reminder that the school year is almost over and summer is around the corner. Summer at Levy brings VBS (June 10-13), our Wednesday night summer series, mission trips, summer interns and all kinds of exciting service opportunities. Stay plugged into your church family and into ministry during summer vacation season. Always know that we need you at Levy!

This week—fix your eyes on Jesus! Keep fighting the good fight! Share your God’s story with others! Do not grow weary in God’s service! Seek first the kingdom of God!

I love you church!