A Little Child Shall Lead

A Little Child Shall Lead


It is super Sunday! It is always super to worship on Sunday as we honor the Greatest of All Time—our God, creator, sustainer and Savior! Thank you for adding your heart and voice to our praise. We greatly value your presence today!

Please note that the wrong date was given for our annual Celebration of Life. It is not today, but next Sunday, February 11th. Sorry for the confusion. Please plan to be here next Sunday as we honor all of our 2017 newborns and their families. It always is an amazing day!

We love our brother Hugh Hale! Hugh recently retired from his long-tenured service here at Levy. It is well deserved after years of ministry both here and in several states. Hugh will still be around serving in different ways, but we will miss him in the office and as a part of our staff. We wish him and Tisha well in their new life together.

One thing in which Hugh will remain involved is or Congregational Encouragement Ministry (CEM). After worship this morning you are invited to a luncheon to learn more about our CEM and become a part of this wonderful edification and outreach effort. We appreciate Hugh continuing to lead it.

What are you doing on Wednesday nights around seven o’clock? That is when we have our mid-week Bible study. I invite you to check out our classes if you are not familiar with them. This week (February 7th) a new men’s class begins entitled “A Man and His Marriage” from the 33 the Series study. Tom Kloske continues his wonderful video series in his class. In my class each week we focus on a text from our weekly Bible reading and so far it has been great fun! We also have classes for women, children and teens. So consider Wednesday nights in a new light and come and see us this week!

I am hearing that several of our small groups are converging in the Upper Room tonight for a certain super celebration—of fellowship and family!

James Telgren is planning a Sweetheart Dinner for us this Saturday, February 10th in the Ministry Center. Check out the back of this bulletin for more details.

When was the last time you invited a friend, co-worker, family member or even a stranger to worship with you? We must believe that God will work within our invitation and find seekers. Give it a try this week and see what God will do with it!

I love you church!


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