Harding Appreciation Day – Dr. Bruce McLarty

Harding Appreciation Day – Dr. Bruce McLarty


“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory” (Isaiah 6:3). As the prophet glimpsed the glory of the Lord, he realized his own limitations while being overwhelmed by the presence of God. As we worship together let us capture this sense of awe and majesty before our God. Thank you for joining us to praise him. Your presence is always our joy.

We welcome Dr. Bruce McLarty from Harding University! He will teach a combined adult class in our auditorium and preach in our worship assembly. We also welcome Liz Howell and Ben Treme from the University as well. Ben will teach our teen class. We are delighted to recognize the wonderful kingdom work accomplished through the school. We certainly are blessed with many Harding alumni in our congregation. Harding University has been a force for good within churches of Christ and within our region, state and world.

Recently we have lost three long-time Levites. In the last couple of weeks we have said goodbye to Sylvia Cook, Jean Graham, and Connie Hay. Each lady was a special part of our congregation—serving in various ways over the years. We will miss them all, but find comfort knowing they are with the Lord. Please continue to pray for their families.

Next Sunday, February 4, is our annual Celebration of Life. It is always a joy to recognize and pray for our Levy newborns and their families on this special day. Please plan to be here to support the families and enjoy this occasion.

How is your reading coming? I hope you continue to enjoy our Bible reading program. Reading “Thy Word” is definitely a way to grow and enhance our relationship with Christ. Keep it up!

One terrific result of our Bible reading is the number of questions that have been asked about the reading texts—along with the discovery of lesser known stories and Bible folks. This is generating riveting discussion. It demonstrates the living nature of Scripture. It continues to surprise and teach in numerous ways—even to those of us who may have read it often. No doubt, it is the “living word!” And don’t forget our new Facebook page for everyone to post their thoughts and questions on the reading.

We also have a brand new website—thanks to the diligent work of Tommy Noel, Jonathan Albright and Terry Rainey. Go check it out!

I love you church!


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