Paul, Priscilla and Aquila

Paul, Priscilla and Aquila


It has been cold outside, but when we come together to worship our awesome God, there is nothing but warmth, joy and blessings! I do hope our worship together is extremely meaningful for you—so much so that you prioritize it above all else each week.

Next Sunday, January 28th, our guest speaker will be Dr. Bruce McLarty, the president of Harding University in Searcy, AR. He will teach a combined adult class in our auditorium and preach during worship. Other Harding representatives will also be with us—some teaching our teen classes. It is our Harding Appreciation Day—just an opportunity to recognize the role of the university within our fellowship in our area. We certainly have been blessed by many Harding graduates within our congregation. There is a luncheon following worship for all shepherds, staff and ministry leaders also. Please RSVP to the office for food planning purposes. I hope you plan to be here next week!

Thanks to everyone involved in our Pleasant Hills and Northridge Sunday morning devotionals. Each Sunday we have Levites who visit these senior citizen facilities to visit and have a devotional with residents. You are blessing many through your service.

I still am feeling the buzz surrounding our Bible reading program. It is exciting to hear the positive feedback along with stories about how meaningful this has become. Thy Word! Keep it up!

It is Leadership Training for Christ time again. Our young people and our LTC leaders are gearing up for the big event on Easter weekend. Please encourage and support this great program designed to help our young people discover and use their gifts for ministry. Thanks to all who are working in this program.

Kijana Royal and Scott Aldridge are diligently developing a comprehensive safety and security ministry for us. If you would like to assist them and be on this team—please let them know. We appreciate their leadership!

Danny Sullivan is bringing Thy Word to us today.

Don’t overlook opportunities to share your faith and invite others to worship with you. God puts them before us—let’s keep our eyes open for them!

I love you church!


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