Don’t Stumble Over This

Don’t Stumble Over This


It is a beautiful day in God’s neighborhood! Anytime God’s people gather to worship him it is a wonderful event—one in which we should anticipate God Spirit working within us to “spur us on to love and good works.” Regardless of what is going on around us—God is within us. Our worship together as his people in spirit, truth and unity is a powerful testimony to our world. Thank you for being here!

On Sunday, January 28, we will welcome Dr. Bruce McLarty, president of Harding University in Seary, AR to Levy. He will teach our combined adult class in the auditorium and also preach that morning. Along with him other Harding representatives will join us—teaching in our teen classes as well. We have many Harding alumni in our congregation. The university continues to bless us by sending graduates our way. This Sunday will be a way saying “thank you.” We continue to appreciate their dedication to higher Christian education and Godly principles. Please make this a priority Sunday for you and your family. After worship there will be a leadership luncheon for shepherds, staff, ministry leaders and their families. Please RSVP to the office if you plan to attend—for food planning purposes.

Today our 2018 budget will be presented. A praise and thank you is offered on how you always respond to our budget challenge. Your generosity is an incredible witness to your commitment to God and his kingdom! Thank you! We also appreciate Randy Bell and Chris Perry for the good work they do all year in managing our budget process.

Don’t forget these dates: On January 26-27 many of our teen girls will be headed to the annual Girls Conference in Memphis. On Sunday, February 11, we will enjoy our annual Celebration of Life to honor all 2017 newborns and their families; On February 16-18 it is Winterfest in Galtinburg, TN—which is always a major event for our youth group and many others.

In light of the tragedy that occurred last week near us, we have an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and grace to those hurting. Please continue to pray for all involved.

I hope you are still enthused about our daily Bible reading together. I am! Let’s encourage one another to keep it up. “Thy Word” is a blessing!

I love you church!


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