Compassion on the Others

Compassion on the Others

with Danny Dodd

Welcome to Sunday at Levy! It is a day of praise and worship! It is a day of fellowship and family. It is a day of prayer and encouraging. It is a day dedicated to the Lord. Thanks for making it a day that includes you. Your presence is always a blessing!

It was a blessing last Sunday to welcome Ben, Mollie and John Luke Parker. If you have not met them and welcomed them to our church family, then do so! We love new members!

Friend Day! Friend Day! Friend Day! It is coming soon—Sunday, April 14th! Here is what we need from you to make the most of this opportunity to have our friends worship with us: 1. Pray daily for God to bless this Sunday in every way. 2. Prioritize the day and be here. 3. Invite and bring your friends 4. Bring extra food and stay for the potluck. Please do not underestimate the power of a simple invitation. Grab some invitations and give it a try. God can do more than we can ask or imagine!

This morning during Bible class in the auditorium, the Levy staff will present “Stories Beyond the Numbers,” which is a personal look into the ministries you generously support. You are invited to attend this “family talk” presentation.

Easter Sunday (April 21) is approaching. This means that our Levy Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) participants will be heading to the LTC conference in Rogers, AR that weekend. Thanks to all of our young people who participate and the adults that lead this ministry. It is a great way for them to use and develop their gifts.

This morning after worship, two groups are gathering to discuss and expand their ministries. Both the greeter ministry and small group ministry will host a luncheon meeting. If you are already involved or would like to be—please feel free to attend one! Thanks to Cecil May and Joe Chesser for providing leadership and vision for these vital areas and to everyone who participates. These meetings are launch points for further growth in both ministries.

Hug a Bible class teacher today and let them know you appreciate their effort. Personally encourage a shepherd this morning—thank them for their heart for this church. Let a deacon know you are thankful for them. Let’s build one another up in the Lord today!

I love you church!