Don’t Make It Difficult!

Don’t Make It Difficult!

Faith Talk

with Danny Dodd

Good morning Levy! I bring you greetings from Lithuania. I certainly miss being with you, but appreciate the opportunity to be here as the Baltic Family Camp is about to begin. Please continue to pray for our efforts to encourage missionaries in this region along with Christian families and others who will be attending. Our theme is “Shout Hallelujah” and we will do so in several languages. Of course, it is our Lord that brings all together as one—and not just here but there as well. The beauty of the kingdom of God is that all nations, tribes and people are united in Christ Jesus. We worship here today as you worship there—praising the same Father for his great love for us. Enjoy your worship! Thank you for being at Levy to honor God and encourage one another.

At the exact same time the Baltic Family Camp is taking place, Camp Chará is happening, God willing (July 22-28). This camp is Levy’s own youth camp led by our ministers, Jesse Stacy, Rachel Griffith and Sierra Gustafson. I am a big believer in the positive ministry of summer camps and appreciate all of the Christian camps in our area. What differentiates Camp Chará is it is more of a Levy ministry with our kids (along with some from the Somers Avenue congregation) having the opportunity to bond more closely. I have seen numerous lives literally forever changed at Christian camps. Pray for all involved in Camp Chará!

Welcome Coleman and Jocelyn Dennis! We are excited to have them as a part of the Levy family. They are recent graduates of Harding University. Please pray for them and personally say hello if you have not yet met them.

Patrick Cannon from the Walnut congregation in Texarkana, TX is our guest speaker this Wednesday night for our summer series; His topic is God is our Refuge. I encourage you to attend this Wednesday and be blessed through this study.

You are invited to stay after worship to enjoy a meal and participate in our Congregational Encouragement Ministry (CEM). This long-standing Levy ministry does a wonderful job of encouraging and spurring us on to love and good works. Hugh and Tisha Hale are the contacts for this good work. If you would like to know more—please stay for the meal in our Ministry Center. This is another great way to get involved at Levy.

Danny Sullivan is preaching this morning. Preach the word, brother!

I love and miss you church!