God is our Refuge – Patrick Cannon Texarkana, TX

God is our Refuge – Patrick Cannon Texarkana, TX

TONIGHT in the auditorium – God is our Refuge: Patrick Cannon, Texarkana, TX
SUNDAY NIGHT SERIES: Loving the Unlovable–Luke 10:25-37–Nathan Taylor

THIS SATURDAY – RIVER CITY MINISTRY RUN/WALK 5K – You can be a Spirit Runner for $20 and help the homeless, get the t-shirt while sleeping in late…..or you can also register to participate! https://www.rivercityministry.org/

SUNDAY AFTER MORNING WORSHIP: Congregational Encouragement Ministry Lunch – Get to know more of the Levy Family while lifting their spirits! Lunch will be furnished and as usual the meeting should last only about an hour. Since lunch will be provided, we need to know if you are attending. ***Your children are welcome. There is a need for more workers. Please invite someone to lunch on Sunday to become involved. PLEASE CALL 753-4860 or 247-0274 OR EMAIL Hugh Hale: hughntisha.hale@gmail.com

SUNDAY – Family Promise Week – All information is on the Levy webpage in the Serving the Community section or on Facebook. We still need volunteers for Saturday, July 28. Please contact Mark or Dianna Deal at 501-837-0549 with any questions.

MONDAY – Children’s Homes Food Run – Especially needed: detergent for dishwasher, paper towels, salsa, aluminum foil, spaghetti sauce, plastic wrap, Velveeta cheese, disinfectant spray, light bulbs, nuts and bathroom tissue.

AUGUST 5 – Community Building Back-to-School Blitz Kickoff – All information is on the church website and in the lobbies. Please take the time to support and/or donate to our outreach efforts!

HEART MOM/SISTER Registration is now open! It takes quite a bit of time to arrange the groups, so please sign up now! The Mission is to help women develop connected relationships with other women, glean wisdom through their experiences, and to help each other grow in Christ. This year’s theme is A Woman of Purpose. Please contact Barbara Cooper or Terry Rainey with any questions. Registration is available on the Levy Facebook page or Levy church website.

Levy Christian Kindergarten (LCK) still has a few openings for the 2018-2019 school year! LCK is a Montessori preschool/Kindergarten right here at Levy educating children ages 3-6 years old (child must be 3 by August 1, 2018 & potty-trained). Please contact Elvada Ward or Carolyn Burt at (501) 758-5466 for registration forms and/or further information.

LYG and Children’s Ministry

• Camp Chará begins THIS Sunday! The buses leave at 1:30 p.m. You can see the packing list on Facebook or contact the church office.

VBS Feedback – Please let us know what you liked and what we can improve on for next year! There are forms for both parents and volunteers. http://levychurch.com/2018-vbs-survey/