Friend Day 2018

Friend Day 2018


Welcome friends! Thank you for joining us on our annual Friend Day! We rejoice in your presence. You will always find a warm welcome at Levy. We invite you to remain after worship and enjoy a potluck luncheon with us. We hope you are blessed by worshipping with us!

Our Friend Day focus is on who we are as God’s people and why we do what we do. Christ is at the center of all we do. God also designed church—the bride of Christ— for us—so we will examine from Scripture what this means to us now.

One amazing blessing we are doing together this year as a church family is reading through the Bible. We together follow a reading plan and most of our classes and sermons flow out of our reading texts. We invite you to join us! It is never too late to start. Just pick up a copy of our plan and plug right into “Thy Word!” It is a fantastic growth experience!

You are invited to join us in two weeks on Sunday, April 29 for our Cardboard Testimonials. This is always a special time together for us as we share with each other our struggles and victories through simple cardboard messages. It is an uplifting experience detailing how God is working in our lives. We still need participants and if you would like to be involved, please let me know. One note—for all who are participating—we will have a meeting next Sunday immediately after worship in classroom 1001.

Thanks to Mark Deal we have partnered with a local agency, Family Promise, to host an unsheltered family on our campus. We will do this several times a year. We just finished hosting one family with the next coming to us in July. I appreciate Mark’s heart (and everyone who works closely with him) in leading us to minister to the homeless.

On this special day—Levites, be sure to greet our guests and let them personally know how much their presence means to us. It truly is our honor to welcome our friends!

Did I mention the potluck luncheon?

It is my prayer that you will have a tremendous week with God—looking for and anticipating how he will speak to and work through you to accomplish his will.

I love you church!