Levy Needs a Few Good Leaders

Levy Needs a Few Good Leaders


I love the lyrics of this song by singer Zach Williams: “There’s revival, and it’s spreading like a wildfire in my heart. Sunday morning, hallelujah and its lasting all week long.” Amen! I want Sunday to last all week long too! I want praise to fill our hearts everyday all day. The lyrics continue: “I got sweet salvation and it’s beautiful. I’ve got a heart overflowing ‘cause I’ve been restored. There ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy!” Don’t let anything steal your joy this week! Let Sunday stay with you. Praise God in every circumstance and always rejoice! Let’s have a revival in our hearts!

Do not miss next Sunday, March 11! We will have a special emphasis on “Generation Next!” Both Danny Sullivan and Clay Smith will be participating in a presentation on how to reach our next generations for Christ. It will be both informational and challenging. Also—just to give you a heads-up—you will not want to be late to worship next week!

Looking further ahead–get ready for a wonderful month of April at Levy! The month begins with Easter Sunday on April 1, which is always a special Sunday. Then on Sunday, April 15 we have our annual Friend Day. I am praying that this year God will use this occasion to bring us many new friends! Then on Sunday, April 29 our cardboard testimonials return due to popular demand! This is always a powerful Sunday for us (and if you would like to participate see me). More information on these Sundays will be forthcoming. Please mark down the dates now and prioritize them!

We need good men and women to fill leadership roles within our church family! We need teachers; ministry leaders; servants; deacons and shepherds. Just like Moses needed help in Exodus 18, we need help at Levy. This morning during sermon time, one of our newest shepherds, Jon Mark Hopper, will help me discuss our need for additional leaders. It is a both and awesome and wonderful privilege to lead God’s people.

This morning is our Learning Levy class for new members and everyone who would like to know more about the Levy family. It is in the family room within the Ministry Center at 9 a.m.

How sensitive are you to notice and welcome guests among us each week? How we reach out to newcomers can make a huge difference in their worship experience with us. Being hospitable not only creates a great first impression, it is biblical. Greeting is not just for greeters! Help us create the best welcome possible simply by being intentional in providing a warm greeting to our guests.

I love you church!