Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day 2018


Thank you for being here today and worshipping with us. It is always a joy and privilege to praise God together with you. Your presence is our blessing!

We certainly wish Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms! Thank you for everything you do to bless your family and our family at Levy. We praise God for you!

Please welcome Dr. James Nored and Joel Petty to Levy today. James heads up the Next Generation for Christ ministry, which produces “The Story of Redemption” video series. This series is extremely well done and a terrific evangelistic tool. James travels worldwide in his evangelistic efforts. He will be sharing more information about his work in our auditorium class today. He will also be speaking this evening at our assembly. You are encouraged and invited to join him at both of these sessions. Joel Petty is a missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia and is accompanying James today. Joel is a blessing not only to the work in St. Petersburg but travels throughout Eastern Europe assisting churches and teaching the “Scream Free Parenting” seminar. Joel and his family are also mainstays at the Baltic Family Camp. Last year James also attended this camp as one of our teachers. So, welcome them and encourage them in their ministries.

It is directory time! Thanks to Kijana Royal and Elise Gibson everyone now has a great opportunity to update your picture for our church directory. Everything is conveniently located in the south foyer—all you have to do is stand and smile! This will be set up for the next couple of weeks, so please plan to do so. Thank you!

I have not heard much buzz about our daily Bible reading plan lately. So, how is that going? Remember, if you have fallen behind, just pick up it where we are. Don’t grow discouraged. Reading “Thy Word” is energizing and empowering. Restart if you need to do so, but do not neglect the reading of God’s Word.

We certainly continue to pray for the Levy families in the loss of their loved ones—the Blevins, the Youngs, and the Byrds. We will also miss Linda Blevins and Jim Young in our church family.

Danny Sullivan is preaching today. Always look forward to him bringing a word from the Lord.

I love you church!