Navigating the Culture of Outrage

Navigating the Culture of Outrage


with Danny Dodd

Good Sunday morning! I am overjoyed to be worshipping with my church family today! Nothing like it in the world! That is how God designed it! Thank you for prioritizing worship and being here to praise God together with us.

Speaking of–there is a new song by Christian artist Cochren & Co. entitled “Take Me Back.” Some of the lyrics celebrate church in a powerful way:

“Take me back to the place that feels like home; To the people I can depend on.
To the faith that’s in my bones; Take me back to a preacher and a verse; Where they’ve seen me at my worst; To the love I had at first. Oh I want to go to church.
Oh, more than an obligation. It’s our foundation. The family of God; I know it’s hard, but we need each other. We’re sisters and brothers. Oh, take me back!”

I love this passion and sentiment in these words. I pray we all have it!

The big news this week is Vacation Bible School. It begins tonight and goes through Wednesday night. Our theme is “Sea of Miracles.” Thanks to everyone who is participating to make this a wonderful learning experience for our kids.

Keep praying for the flood victims in our area including some from our Levy family. As the water recedes cleanup will get underway, perhaps offering us a chance to serve our community.

My sermon series “Navigating Culture” begins today with a focus on our culture of outrage. Outrage is an extreme reaction but is becoming more and more common. As Christ’s disciples we can counter it with his values and demonstrate a heavenly alternative–this is our challenge.

Summer is here and busy as ever! Travel, camps, youth trips, mission trips, vacations, etc. all take us away, but please be sure to prioritize time with God and his family while gone. And please prioritize being with your Levy family while home! We certainly missed you last Sunday, but enjoyed worshipping with the small congregation in West Yellowstone, MT.

Look for ways to honor and share God this week!

I love you church!