Resolve to be Involved

Resolve to be Involved

TONIGHT –- Resolve to Be Involved – Danny Dodd

Men and Ladies’ Bible Tuesday AM Classes – will resume January 8. Men’s class will have the traditional free breakfast for $2.

CONGREGATIONAL ENCOURAGMENT MINISTRY – Looking for a ministry? Look no further as the Congregational Encouragement Ministry (CEM) is reorganizing THIS SUNDAY, Jan 6, in the Ministry Center immediately after the morning worship. Lunch is furnished! CEM is often called the “visitation ministry”. There are two areas where you can be involved: visiting or calling two time absentees. Call Joe Chesser at 753-4860 or email him at for more info.

FEB 1-2, 2019 – Save the Date! This very special event will be hosted by Owen and Lauren Mitchell in the Upper Room – The ReConnect Weekend is a laugh and learn mini-retreat and workshop designed to give couples a chance to take time out and enjoy their marriage. By focusing on the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of their relationship, couples will enhance their commitment, improve their communication, and re-energize their marriage. Contact Tom or Susan Cloninger if you have any questions.

Clothing Donations – The River City Ministry clothing bus needs men’s jeans, shirts and coats. You can drop them off at the Sylvan Hills bus barn. Contacts are Rochelle Stalens 501-960-5310 or Ensley Pettey 501-831-5247

Haiti Christian Schools – For the past 13 years, four Christian schools in Northern Haiti have relied on Levy to feed and educate over 500 students. Through local congregations, the schools provide Spiritual, educational and physical needs to some of the most impoverished communities on the globe. These schools could not stay open without your support. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, please make a check out to Levy and look for Philip Huff or Julie Watson.

New Deacons – After prayerful consideration, the shepherds wish to announce that the following men will be installed as deacons on January 13. If anyone has a scriptural reason why any of these men should not serve, please speak to one of the shepherds by January 6th. The new deacons: Jon Beaver, Jay Cowley, Chad Gardner, Brad Hardin, Hugh McConnell, Luke McCoy, Daniel Tate, Jordan Watson and Alexander Wilson.

LYG and Children’s Ministry
• If you are interested in registering for Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) you can do so by going online to our website or Facebook. Talk to Nick Clemmons if you have any questions.
• Sign Ups are available for Girls Conference, Winterfest & Christeens.