The First Dozen Proverbs

The First Dozen Proverbs

Proverbs 10:1-12

Read and discuss each of the proverbs in 10:1-12. Note the subjects these early proverbs address.

1. Wise homes
2. Work Ethic: Honesty
3. Hunger & Fulfillment
4. Work Ethic: Diligence
5. Work Ethic: Early & Often
6. Two Paths: Righteous vs. Wicked
7. Righteous vs. Wicked: Leaving a Legacy
8. Wise vs. Foolish: Listening vs. Talking
9. Integrity vs. Crookedness
10. The Tongue: Deceit
11. The Tongue: Righteous vs. Wicked
12. Hatred vs. Love

For discussion and additional enlightenment:
What are some reoccurring subjects among these first twelve proverbs?

How is righteousness connected to wisdom and wickedness connected to foolishness. Do the subjects addressed in these first twelve proverbs have current relevance? Which lessons need to be heard and applied the most?

How are these proverbs beneficially applied personally, in family, and in community?

Is there significance to these proverbs/subjects being mentioned first or are they just random?