The Others

The Others

with Danny Dodd

It is the first Sunday of 2019. A new year always brings with it a chance for a new outlook. I pray that all of us will reaffirm, recharge, and if needed renew our commitment to serve God with all of our heart, soul and mind during this year. Just think of the limitless possibilities with our great God. Give him the chance to fully engage your gifts—using them to serve him and bless others as never before in 2019. With God all things are possible! This year give him the opportunity to demonstrate that in you! Thank you for starting the year off in worship with us.

Last Sunday we rejoiced along with the angels as Casey Bowie and Kyle Creech were baptized into Jesus. Also last Wednesday night Ethan Cowley put Christ on in baptism. What a joy it was to witness their rebirths and especially touching to see Kyle baptized by her grandfather, Andy Arrington and Ethan baptized by his dad, Jay! Please pray for and encourage each one and their families as they continue their journey with Christ.

Today is our Congregational Encouragement Ministry (CEM) luncheon right after worship in the ministry center. Everyone already involved along with those who would like to be are invited. CEM offers a great way for us to serve one another and others as well. Joe Chesser now leads this ministry and is looking for volunteers to participate. So come check it out and enjoy some good food and fellowship.

Registration is open for our ReConnect Weekend marriage retreat on February 1-2. Owen and Lauren Mitchell will be leading this interactive and fun event. It promises to help couples enhance their commitment, improve their communication and re-energize their marriage. Tom and Susan Cloninger are the main contacts for this event. Let’s all take advantage of this opportunity!

Also upcoming in January our own Alan and Sherry Pogue will begin a parenting class on Wednesday nights (starting January 16). They do a wonderful job bringing insight, encouragement and experience to this challenge. Mark this down and plan to participate each Wednesday night.

Continue to pray as we move along with our deacon selection process. Next Sunday, January 13, we will welcome new deacons as well as affirm our current special servants. Continue to pray for them as well.

Danny Sullivan is starting us off this year in preaching this morning. I know his message will be encouraging. I appreciate Danny!

God willing, next Sunday I will start my 2019 preaching focus of “Others.” I love you church!