Melchizedek –The “Other” Embodied

Melchizedek –The “Other” Embodied

TONIGHT –Melchizedek – The “Other” Embodied – Danny Dodd

Parenting Without Regret – with therapists Alan and Sherry Pogue – Upper Room.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear Alan and Sherry for the next several weeks on the Parenting series.

FEB 1-2 – Save the Date!  This very special event will be hosted by Owen and Lauren Mitchell in the Upper Room – The ReConnect Weekend is a laugh and learn mini-retreat and workshop designed to give couples a chance to take time out and enjoy their marriage. By focusing on the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of their relationship, couples will enhance their commitment, improve their communication, and re-energize their marriage.  More details and signups are available on the Levy Facebook page or at  Cost is $30/couple and begins at 6:00 on Friday evening and 8:30 on Saturday morning.  Contacts for the event are Cecil May or Terry Rainey.

FEB 23 – Men’s Wild Night Out – Starts at 5 pm in the ministry center. Plan on bringing a meat (preferably venison) or vegetable dish or your favorite dessert. If you have any pictures from your hunts, please send them to We would like to show them during the dinner.

MAR 29-30 – Women’s Renewal is scheduled for March 29-30 at the Red Apple Inn, Heber Springs.  The theme will be “When Life Gives You Lemons.”  The full details are still in process.  The Renewal will focus on faith struggles and Fruits of the Spirit.

Clothing Donations – The River City Ministry clothing bus needs men’s jeans, shirts and coats.  You can drop them off at the Sylvan Hills bus barn.  Contacts are Rochelle Stalens (501-960-5310) or Ensley Pettey (501-831-5247).

LYG and Children’s Ministry

  • Sign Ups are available for Winterfest & Christeens.
  • If you are interested in registering for Leadership Training for Christ (LTC), you can do so by going online to our website or Facebook. Talk to Nick Clemmons if you have any questions.