The Revelation!

The Revelation!

The Revelation—It is all about the Lamb (first, it is not plural! But it is an amazing book that too often gets lost in its literary style. It abounds with incredible images; fantastic beasts; heavenly warfare; streets of gold; all kinds of numbers and symbols. These are NOT the message of the book. It is not some type of secret code to be unlocked possessing hidden knowledge of God. It is letter—just like other NT letters—sent to a particular people at a particular time dealing with their particular challenges. John wrote it primarily for the then and there (1:1—“what must soon take place.”). And the then and there was full of hardship—persecution by an oppressive, aggressive nation—an enemy of God’s people who quite simply wanted to eliminate the Christian presence in their empire. The letter was to be circulated in the seven churches identified in chapters 2-3. The overall message is definitely one of ultimate victory over the oppressors—but one that came with a price—the price already paid by the Lamb, Jesus, but also the price they too would pay with their own blood—unfortunately martyrdom. All of the highly symbolized writing is a literary style known as apocryphal—a style John’s readers were familiar and a style chosen to hide the message from the oppressors. So as we root the Revelation in its context—we discover that from the start is all about the Lamb)


It is a wonderful spring Sunday in which to honor God together! We praise the Father and the Son just as the apostle John recorded in Revelation 4:12:

To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb, be praise and honor and glory and power for ever and ever!

Thank you for joining our efforts to give God the glory he deserves.

The above biblical text was included in our daily Bible reading last week. “Thy Word” is exciting to read, explore and learn. Thanks to all who are committed to the reading plan. Keep it up! If you have fallen behind—don’t get discouraged—just pick up and go from there. If you do not understand all you read (and with sections of Leviticus, Daniel and Revelation all in the same week that is not difficult!) that is okay as well. God blesses the reading of Thy Word!

Next Sunday (April 29) is Cardboard Testimonials! Here are things you need to know. First, we still need participants. Please do not be shy. Just consider how your testimony will encourage and impact others. Sharing what God has done and is doing in your life is a powerful way to transform lives (see ). So if you are on the fence, get off and come see me. Second, everyone participating is asked to come to room 1001 after worship this morning for a brief meeting. We also wee meet after class this Wednesday night (April 25) and in-between worship and class next Sunday (in the library). Third, we ask all to keep praying about this special Sunday.

Don’t forget about our Family Talk happening this Wednesday night also. Our shepherds have some important information to share with us, while also seeking our feedback. So most classes will be cancelled. Hope you can be here!

Friend Day was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so. Remember, it does not have to be a special Sunday for us to invite and bring our friends to worship with us.

Deacons! Please remember you are asked to attend a meeting with the shepherds this afternoon at 3 in the upper room.

Our Levy ladies are such a blessing to us. They quietly take care of so many areas of ministries, which are vital to our church family. I thank God for you all! We could not function without you!

Have a great week serving and sharing the Lord.

I love you church!