The Three Card Sermon

The Three Card Sermon

with Danny Dodd

It is another awesome Sunday to praise God as his church. Thank you for joining our worship. Your presence is always appreciated.

We have reason to rejoice! Harley Pridmore was baptized into Christ last week by Bob Blevins! We are excited to welcome our new little sister! Please pray for her and for her entire family. Be sure to personally encourage her in the Lord.

This is Spring Break week, which always means travel. Included in this travel are the Levites on our annual ski trip. Please pray for God’s travel mercies over everyone on the road or in the air this week.

It is Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) season. We have a great group of volunteers led by Nick Clemmons who are putting hours in each week into helping many of our youth use and expand their gifts in preparation for the LTC convention on April 19-20. Thanks go to everyone involved in this great ministry! We appreciate your commitment and dedication.

On Sunday, March 31, during Bible class in the auditorium, the Levy staff will be sharing “Stories Beyond the Numbers” about Levy ministries and the people they touch—all because of the generosity of Levy. Be sure to plan to be here for this special “family talk” type class.

Friend Day is on the horizon! It is Sunday, April 14. This is always an extra special day in which we emphasize the importance of our friends. It gives us all an opportunity to intentionally invite our friends to worship along with eating with us afterward as we potluck together. Invitations are now available. Pick some up and use them! Start praying now for God to use this day to help reach out to the others.

I do hope that our 2019 theme of “The Others” is still resonating with you one-third of the way through the year. I hope you are praying for others around you and seeking ways of sharing your God-story with them.

Today Cecil May is preaching! We continue to be blessed by both Cecil and Patti being a part of Levy. Cecil brings years of preaching experience to Levy, so I know he will both challenge and encourage through his message.

Have a great week serving the Lord. We miss you today. I love you church!