“O Lord God of Israel, there is no God like you in heaven above or on earth below—you keep your covenant of love with your servants who continue wholeheartedly in your way” (1 Kings 8:23). These words of Solomon spoken as he dedicated the majestic temple he built to honor God, still remain ever true and should continue to be spoken. We do that—in our own way—worshipping God together today, not in a temple made with hands, but as the temple of God as God dwells within and among us. Glory, praise and honor to the God who keeps his covenant of love!

I am excited to report that Billy Simmons was baptized into Christ last week. Please personally greet him and pray for him. Billy, along with his family, has been worshipping with us a while.

Today we welcome four new shepherds (Doug Hurst, Philip Sherrill, Danny Sullivan and Nathan Taylor) who will begin serving with our current elders. We are thankful for their decision to accept this vital ministry. Levy has been served well by generations of godly shepherds. Please pray for our new elders and those who have already been watching over our flock.

Our sympathy is extended to the Montgomery family in the loss of our dear sister, Miriam. She certainly fought the good fight over the last months, but God called her home. For many years she served and blessed the Levy church. Pray also for the Pettey family in their recent loss as well.

With most schools finishing up the year this week; with summer here and with Levy currently short-staffed, please be aware of ways you can help us this summer—such as in our welcome/greeter ministry. As members we typically are not that aware of the need for a robust, warm welcome as we assemble. We are comfortable here. It is home. We know others and our way around. It is nice to be met by a smiling face at the door, but generally we are good. For guests, this ministry is vital. They are in unfamiliar surroundings; looking for Bible classes to attend; information about our church, etc. If they come in and find no greeting—that is not good hospitality. You would not settle for that in your home. So be extra sensitive about this. Join our welcome/greeting ministry. It makes more of a difference perhaps than we sometimes realize.

I love you church!