Why I Like Hezekiah – Cecil May

Why I Like Hezekiah – Cecil May

Connecting by Greeting

Our auditorium can be viewed as twelve neighborhoods. There are eight divisions of pews on the main floor and the balcony area can be split into four areas.

How great it would be if each of us would pay some greeting attention to our own neighborhood! Envision people in each of these neighborhoods taking a minute to walk around the zone of pews where they usually sit just to say, “Hello, I am glad you are here” to the people they sit with most every Sunday.

So I am putting out the challenge! Which of our twelve Levy neighborhoods is the friendliest, greetingest neighborhood in the church? Do not ignore your neighbors. Be intentional about giving everyone in your neighborhood a smile and welcome.

The next Learning Levy class (and Newcomers Luncheon) is December 9!