The Least of These – Danny Dodd

The Least of These – Danny Dodd

with Danny Dodd

It is an exciting day! Are you excited? Why would you not be when we get the opportunity to worship God together today? Our worship is not just about what we do together; it is also about what we bring—our hearts, our voices, our gifts, our presence. It is our God-ordained time to celebrate, fellowship, love, pray and support each other. God receives our praise as we receive his blessings. That is exciting!

New members—please plan to be a part of our Welcome Luncheon after worship next Sunday, December 9. This wonderful fellowship time is designed not only to welcome you to Levy, but also to help you meet and get better acquainted with Levy leadership. If you have come to Levy in 2018 this luncheon is for you! Cecil May is the contact person for this event.

And for those who are considering Levy as their church home or any new members who have not yet participated in our Learning Levy orientation class, it too meets next Sunday, December 9 at 9 a.m. in the family room within the ministry center. It offers a warm and welcoming environment in which to learn more about our church.

As our family life minister, Joe Chesser, announced last Sunday, there will be now available again study guides for small group devotionals on our church website. They will be based on the Sunday morning sermon. So—all small group leaders please take advantage of this good resource.

We are in the final month of 2018. As the line in the old hymn says, “time is filled with swift transition.” Since it is a holiday month, I know most calendars will be filled and busy. But remember to seek the kingdom first as you go. Finish strong in our Bible reading. I am so glad to continue to hear how this discipline has been meaningful to many.

Recently in a conversation with Tim Diles he recalled in detail the wonderful welcome experience he received by greeters at a church he visited over twenty years ago. Greeters and ushers—you can make huge impacts on our guests! Be sure not only just to warmly greet, but also to assist guests in getting information and finding classes. For many our greeting ministry is their first contact with us. It is indeed a great serving ministry.

Have a great week serving the Lord with all of your heart. I love you church!