Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers


with Danny Dodd

Welcome! We are extremely delighted and greatly blessed that you have chosen to spend Sunday morning with us! It is a super Sunday! Thank you for prioritizing worship and praise. We enjoy being together to honor God and we enjoy the chance to do so with you. We hope you feel at home and make Sunday morning at Levy your every week habit.

We are excited to welcome new members to Levy—Hannah and Taylor Owens. Please intentionally meet and greet this young couple. We are glad they desire to be a part of our church family. Please make them feel at home and include them in your prayers.

We are also glad to welcome Owen and Lauren Mitchell today. They led many of us in a great Marriage ReConnect weekend retreat. Owen will be sharing more information in the auditorium class this morning.

A few important upcoming events to put on your save-the-date calendars: Next weekend (February 8-10) James Nored will be at Levy to lead a seminar on how to use his Story of Redemption video series. This series is a very well done informative outreach tool. James is no stranger to us. He has presented here before and he spent a week with us at the Baltic Family Camp. Brad Watson is the contact for more information. Next Sunday, February 10, Danny Parrish will also be our guest. He is from Southern Christian Children’s Home in Morrilton, AR and will be presenting in the auditorium class. Also next Sunday is our monthly Learning Levy orientation class for new members and those interested in learning more about our church family.  It meets in the family room within the Ministry Center at 9 a.m. Also don’t forget about two Levy favorite annual traditions—Cupcake Wars on Sunday afternoon, February 10 and Men’s Wild Night Out on Saturday evening, February 23. There is something for everyone! Plan to participate and enjoy the fellowship and blessings.

Has our 2019 theme of “Others” made any connection with you yet? The goal of this emphasis is to raise our awareness of the others among and around us, while motivating us to cross cultural, racial, economic barriers to reach out to people not like us at the work place, at school—anywhere we contact people. It does come with a challenge, but one God can work within us to overcome.

Have a productive week for the Lord. Intentionally pray for and invite someone to worship with you.

I love you church!