Rahab the Righteous

Rahab the Righteous

TONIGHT –Rahab the Righteous?– Danny Dodd

Parenting Without Regret – with therapists Alan and Sherry Pogue – Upper Room.  Tonight and the next 3 Wednesdays will focus on the parental of teaching, discipline and purpose. The first class was a great introduction to the course. If you are a parent, we hope you will join the class on Wednesdays through February 27!

FEB 9James Nored on the Story of Redemption in the Upper RoomThe Story of Redemption series tells the overall story of the Bible in a way that is meaningful to people of today.  It assumes no previous Bible knowledge.  Levy is hosting a how-to seminar on using the films to tell others the meaning of God’s redemption story.  Please join us THIS SATURDAY 9-4:00.  Please go to levychurch.com to register.

FEB 1249er’s Potluck Lunch is next Tuesday.  The meat, bread and drinks are provided.  To extend the good fellowship, bring your choice of salad, dish or dessert a few minutes before noon.  Evelyn Lovelace will present a program on healthcare fraud.

FEB 17 – Singles Bible Class. Anyone interested in possibly starting a Sunday morning Bible class for singles is invited to attend a discussion on doing so. A meeting will be held Sunday, February 17th at 9:00 in room 2002. The purpose of this meeting is to determine if there is enough interest in starting such a class. Please contact Jeffery Stewart if you have any questions.

FEB 23 – Men’s Wild Night Out – Starts at 5:00 in the ministry center. Plan on bringing a meat (preferably venison) or vegetable dish or your favorite dessert. If you have any pictures from your hunts, please send them to mark.vest@sbcglobal.net. We would like to show them during the dinner.

Clothing Donations – The River City Ministry clothing bus needs men’s jeans, shirts and coats.  You can drop them off at the Sylvan Hills bus barn.  Contacts are Rochelle Stalens (501-960-5310) or Ensley Pettey (501-831-5247).

LYG and Children’s Ministry

  • GAP Sunday at 5 p.m., then Dalby’s  small group feeds us after. 
  • Winterfest – We leave next Thursday, Feb 14th, at 4 p.m.! Money is due NOW, cost is $120!
  • We still need scholarship money for Winterfest & other trips thins year! Any amount would be appreciated!  
  •  Bake ‘N Serve is tomorrow at 4-7:15 in the ministry center.
  • GAP is at 5:00 in the auditorium on Sunday!  Come support our future church leaders!