Your Life is a Journey

Your Life is a Journey


with Danny Dodd

“Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious!” (Psalm 66:1-2) What a blessing! This is what we have the chance to do together today! Thank you for joining us. Let’s make his praise glorious!

We are glad to welcome new members! Please be sure to meet and personally welcome Max and Jantzen Haley to Levy. Of course, Jantzen is no stranger having served here as a youth intern. Excited to have you guys! Pray for them.

We have special guests today. James Nored has been with us all weekend sharing his Next Generation for Christ Story of Redemption evangelistic video series. What an amazing tool to use to share the gospel with others. We re delighted to host James and appreciate his work across the globe.

We also welcome Danny Parrish from Southern Christian Children’s Home in Morrilton, Arkansas. He is sharing their story in the auditorium during Bible class. We are thankful for the good work of this ministry.

Also happing today: Our Learning Levy orientation class is meeting at 9:00 in the family room within the Ministry Center. Cecil May along with Carlene and Jeff Vint host and lead this informative class for new members and all wanting to know more about our church family.

Then later at 3:30 in the Ministry Center is a favorite Levy annual tradition—Cupcake Wars! This is always fun. Sierra Gustafson is the contact person.

One of the major points of our 2019 theme of “Others” is not only to become more aware of and sensitive to the others—those who do not know Christ; those whom culture overlooks and undervalues; and those who simply do not look like us; but also to intentionally reach out to them with the good news about Jesus. We can start that with a simple invitation to worship with us. Often we tend to downplay this simple gesture—convincing ourselves that we will not get a positive response even before trying. This week, let’s give God a chance to see what he can do through us by inviting someone—an other who may be unchurched, disconnected to a church body, or an unbeliever—to worship with us. Remember with God all things are possible!

If you are a single adult, please mark down this date, location and time: Sunday, February 17 at 9 a.m. in room 2002. You are invited to join other Levites to discuss the potential of starting an adult singles ministry and class. I have been involve in singles ministry at stages in my life and it was a blessing! I hope this can be a blessing here as well.

It is Danny Sullivan Sunday! Danny will be sharing the Word with us today.

I love you church!