Senior Sunday 2019

Senior Sunday 2019


with Danny Dodd

Thank you for worshipping with us! Your presence is always greatly appreciated and encouraging. We especially are excited to welcome our guests. It really is a blessing to be able to praise God together.

It is Senior Day! Today we honor all of our high school graduating seniors on this huge milestone. Our 2019 seniors are Brynne Bell, Reggie Browning, Alexa Cook, Justin Dalby, Hallie Diles, Troy Flowers, Elise Gibson, Aislinn Hawthorne, Aliyah Muhammad, Grant Smith, Claire Vest, Cole Watson, and DJ Williams. We are proud of each one of you! Congratulations! Our prayers for you include blessings and success on your transition into the next phase of your life. Always remember to make God the priority in all you do. Jesse Stacy, one of our youth ministers, will deliver a special message this morning to these seniors and to all of us. Lots of other special activities are going on throughout the day. Please keep praying for these young people.

Senior Day reminds us that school is ending soon and summer will be here. That means vacations, VBS (on June 9-12), mission trips, summer interns, numerous youth group activities, etc. Summer is indeed a busy time. Be sure to keep Christ and church an active part of it!

Just a reminder next Sunday, May 12, is our monthly Learning Levy orientation class for new members and those seeking more information about how to plug into the Levy family. It meets during Bible class time at 9 a.m. in the family room within the Ministry Center. Please accept our invitation to come learn more about Levy!

Speaking of new members we welcome to Levy a familiar name, Steve McCorkle, along with his new bride, Amanda. They were married just yesterday and are joined here today by family and friends. Of course, Steve is the grandson of former Levy elder, Harry (and Flonnie) McCorkle. Please welcome them and pray for them as they begin their new life together and as they grow with us in the Levy family.

Music in May is back! Each Wednesday night at 7 in the auditorium join Philip Sherrill as he and others teach new songs and sing familiar ones. It is a blessing!

Thank you Levy! Thank you for the joy you express serving the Lord. Thank you for using your gifts in a variety of ways to encourage others, to share your faith, to support the work of the kingdom here, to help our community, and to follow Jesus. Thank your for working to build a strong family for the glory of God. Thank you. You are a blessing to me and to numerous others. I praise God for the Levy church!

And I love you church!