Ruth the Moabitess

Ruth the Moabitess

with Danny Dodd

Welcome! Thank you for prioritizing worship and joining us to praise our God. This is what we gladly do each Sunday as we gather together as God’s family. It is a time of celebration, fellowship, joy, encouragement, contemplation, communion, and prayer. Your presence just makes it all that much sweeter.

Recently the Levy family lost two wonderful ladies—faithful women who served God at this church. In the past few years both Mildred Thornton and Edna Roberson were hindered and diminished by disease, which did not allow them to be as much a part of church activities, but that took nothing away from what they have meant to us. God has called them home now and rescued them from their physical limitations. Continue to pray for both families.

Pray particularly for Edna’s husband Charlie. Charlie is an amazing, inspirational man whose faith has enabled him to persevere through incredible life challenges. Pray for him as he faces this one—and personally let him know that you are.

We have a group of folks at Levy who are quite the blessing to all who experience the loss of loved ones by providing a warm welcome and meal to families during funerals. Thanks for your important work. We appreciate you.

Next Sunday, March 3, thanks to the efforts and leadership of Garren Barker, we will be hosting the Harding University Chorus. They will bless us with a performance during the 9 a.m. class hour in the auditorium. Everyone is invited to enjoy their gift of singing. 

On the following Sunday, March 10, a familiar Levy friend and former youth minister, Casey Rine, will be speaking on “When Church Becomes Family.” Casey will share with us about the journey he and his family have been on since his sister’s tragic death ten years ago, when he was at Levy. Danny Sullivan will also be participating with Casey. It promises to be a special morning.

Also on March 10 is our next Learning Levy class along with our Welcome luncheon for new members. Save the date!

Some within our youth group are once again away from us this morning. They are attending the Christeens Youth Weekend in Russellville, AR. Please pray for travel mercies.

Share what God has done for you this week with the others!

I love you church!