There was a Crooked Man

There was a Crooked Man

Proverbs 11:20-31

Vs. 20, His crooked heart is an abomination to the Lord.
Vs. 21, He will not go unpunished.
Vs. 22, Females can be crooked, too.
Vs. 23, His crooked path ends at wrath.
Vs. 24, He hoards his crooked gain, but still suffers want.
Vs. 25, In his crooked selfishness he misses out on the benefits of sharing.
Vs. 26, He is disliked in his community for his crooked business reputation and practices.
Vs. 27, In his crooked thinking he can never understand why he finds no favor with man or God.
Vs. 28, Without a friend in the world and apart from God, he has only his riches to trust, and they will fail him.
Vs. 29, His crooked ways make him a failure at home, so he ends up with no one and nothing.
Vs. 30, The righteous, wisely walking the straight path, enjoy all the wonderful fruit of life, but…
Vs. 31, As surely as the wise are rewarded for their generosity, kindness, and goodness, the crooked man is rewarded in kind for his crooked ways.

For discussion and additional enlightenment:
How do verses 20 and 31 serve as bookends that make these verses in Proverbs a somewhat cohesive section?

Review these verses for a positive descriptions of the one in whom the Lord delights.

Count the references to agriculture in this run of verses. Why are they there?

In the context of Proverbs, what does it mean to “win souls?” (vs. 30).